EconVision, an interactive web toolkit for running classroom experiments

A new way to teach classic ideas and a classic way to test new ideas

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What is EconVision

The goal of EconVision is to provide a rich, interactive, and robust toolkit for economics and management classes so that instructors can conveniently introduce experiments to their classrooms and students can appreciate firsthand how complex and abstract theories work within concrete contexts.

It's a one-stop solution that brings experiment management, execution, and monitoring, real-time data display, and course management seamlessly together.

Finally, it's a flexible game framework that has the capacity of supporting a wide range of games, from simple individual decisions to complex markets.

  • Simple Course and Project Management

    Offer tools for setting up and managing courses, projects, and their experiments

  • Virtual Group and Lab

    Facilitate experimental data sharing and activity coordination among members within the same group

  • Template-based experiments

    Organize experiments as script-based templates which can be easily parameterized

  • Scheduling and Monitoring

    Provide easy to use and intuitive interfaces for experiment scheduling and monitoring with real-time data updates

  • Instant Experimental Summary

    Deliver experimental data and summary statistics immediately after the experiment

  • Minimal Client-side Requirements

    Operate entirely within a browser environment and guarantee cross-platform compatibility