The goal of EconVision is to provide an intuitive and interactive web toolkit for economics and management classes so that instructors can conveniently bring experiments into their classrooms and students can appreciate firsthand how complex and abstract theories work within concrete contexts.

Experiments Add Value To Your Class?

  • Give students the opportunity to discover answers and validate theories for themselves
  • Let student generate and analyze their own data and experience how social and strategic interactions generate economic outcomes
  • Reinforce the take-away points of your lectures
  • Make each class more engaging and fun!

Why Haven't Experiments Been More Popular?

  • Lack of convenient, intuitive, and automated toolkit
  • Lack of robust and scalable application that is capable of handling experiments in unpredictable classroom environments with potentially large number of students
  • Lack of cross-platform compatible application to accommodate heterogeneous computing devices students have
  • Lack of IT infrastructure support in lecture halls and classrooms

What does EconVision offer?

  • Easy to use: experiment scheduling, configuration, and execution are only a few clicks away
  • Simple course set-up and experiment management
  • Immediate availability of experiment statistics
  • Minimal client-side requirements: web based and cross-platform compatible
  • Modern, smooth, and intuitive user interface

EconVision Experiment Catalog

  • Beauty contest
  • Ultimatum
  • Dictator
  • Trust
  • 2x2 Matrix (simultaneous and sequential)
  • Public goods
  • Multi-round bargaining
  • Voting
  • Centipede
  • Sealed-bid Auction
  • Ascending Clock Auction
  • Descending Clock Auction
  • Double Auctions (call markets)
  • Continuous Double Auctions (continuous markets)