Production Overview

By leveraging some of the latest web programming frameworks and technologies, including Adobe Flash and Flex, AJAX, JAVA, Spring Application Framework, and high performance game engine, EconVision delivers a rich internet application that makes routinely conducting interactive xperiments in classrooms a reality.

EV has minimal runtime requirements: any web browser that supports Adobe Flash and a network environment where standard HTTP and HTTPS are permitted.

EV is simple to use: with its intuitive and highly interactive interfaces, both instructors and students can easily learn how to manage and participate in experiments, respectively, in a matter of minutes.

EV is flexible: instructors can create different types of games and customize game layout by parameterizing any one of the script based templates in the system. In addition, they can pause, resume and terminate an experiment at any point.

EV is scalable: EV is designed and developed with the capacity for handling concurrent experiments and games. In addition, by deploying our servers on a "cloud"™ platform, we aim to provide such scaling without any noticeable service interruption or increase in response time.

EV can be easily integrated: as part of its development toolkit, EV offers widget plug-ins to well-known course management solutions, such as Moodle and Sakai, as well as a comprehensive REST API for seamless integration with other enterprise applications.

Feature Highlights

Course Management: EV provides a set of interfaces for conveniently setting up a course, managing its experiment schedule, and evaluating student participation/performance across experiments during the course

Experiment Templates: EV offers a wide variety of script based game templates, including Ultimatum, Matrix, Public Goods, Voting, Bargaining, Auctions and Markets. The templates can easily customized with desired parameters using a single form.

Instant Messaging: free-form or broadcast messaging can be integrated into any experiment

Survey: surveys, tutorials, or quizzes can be added to any experiment at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

Experiment Report Download and Publication: in addition to the instant delivery of basic summary statistics, EV allows experimenters to download the raw data and subsequently upload detailed and polished for students to review

Internationalization: EV can easily adapt to different languages based on locale-specific client requests.

Support for Inter- School and Class Experiments: EV breaks down the physical barrier by providing games on the internet through standard HTTP. Furthermore, it gives experimenters fine control over participation eligibility for their experiments.

System Highlights

Robustness. EV is designed to cope with the unpredictable student attendance in classrooms and is equipped with multiple fail-safe measures to ensure smooth execution of an experiment.

Performance & Scalability. EV is optimized every step along the way for faster (< 1 second) response time and handling requests gracefully under various load conditions with up to 20,000 concurrent agents or in large simulated experiments with > 200 participant per session

Availability. Deployed on an elastic computing cloud provided by Amazon, EV leverages on-demand, dynamic server resource allocations and fail-safe redundancy from the vendor, therefore to ensure its 24/7 availability.